Projects and Reports


Beyond Searsville Dam

DamNation Film

Santa Clara River Steelhead Habitat Assessment and Recovery Opportunities

Gaviota Creek Fish Passage and Geomorphic Assessment

Horse Creek Damolition Video Project


Horse Creek Dam Removal Project

Ojai Valley Sanitary District Effluent Reuse Feasibility Study

Sisquoc River Steelhead Trout Population Survey Fall 2005

Historic Distribution and Current Status of Steelhead/Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in Streams of the San Francisco Estuary, CA

Designing Road Crossing for Safe Wildlife Passage: Ventura County Guidelines

Existing Conditions of Fisheries for City of Santa Barbara Watersheds, Santa Barbara, CA

Carpinteria Creek Steelhead Passage Project Management

Contraction of the Southern Range Limit for Anadromous Oncorhynchus mykiss: Migration-Distribution vs. Climate Change Hypothesis 2005

Carpinteria Creek Arundo donax Survey

Arroyo Burro Steelhead Passage Design at Cliff Drive Crossing Barrier, Santa Barbara, CA

Inventory of Barriers to Fish Passage in California’s Coastal Watersheds 2004
San Jose Creek Watershed Planning Project

Santa Ynez River Steelhead Assessment and Recovery Project

Sisquoc River Steelhead Assessment and Recovery Project

Southern Santa Barbara County Steelhead Assessment and Recovery Project

Arroyo Seco Watershed Habitat Restoration

Portola Valley Creekside Ordinance Planning

How the Regional GIS Database Can be Useful to Southern California Steelhead Recovery 1998


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